harolddwightlasswell.pngHarold Lasswell was born in February 13, 1902 and died in December 18, 1978. He was an American political scientist and a communication theorist who is widely known for his model, developed in Yale University as a professor in 1948. Lasswell’s model of communication is regarded as “one of the earliest and most influential communication models” by other communication and public relations scholars. He described the act of communication through answering series of questions such as who, says what, in which channel, to whom, and with what effect. For example, a communicator, an individual or a company, will deliver a message through medium to a receiver who will get an effect from it. Even though this model seems obvious to us, he was a visionary theorist who came up with an definite process of communication in the early twentieth century. In addition, he stated that there are three different functions for communication. Those are “surveillance of the environment, correlation of components of society and cultural transmission between generation.” Generally, his model suggests a message flow between diverse audiences in a multi-cultural environment and a direct and easy way to illustrate the act of communication.