When I went to see the play “Clybourne Park” at Loyola’s McManus Theatre, I was blown away by all of the performances and the play itself as a whole to be completely honest. The production was a huge success and I enjoyed the show very much.

There were two acts to the play, Act I and Act II. Act I was very good, effectively illustrating just how difficult it was to live in the middle of the 20th century, let alone buy a nice, respectable piece of property if you were a person of color. It must have been very hard for people to struggle through this rough period and live on their own with the type of harassment they received. Act II was also very satisfactory in itself as a play and a production. Act II featured people who were living in the house and wanted to make renovations on it and people who previously had owned the house were talking about it and eventually the inevitable was brought up of race in society today. This obviously made everyone extremely uncomfortable. It reminded everyone that it must be extremely difficult to deal with these kinds of troubles even today, as race is a very common source of tension throughout the country. I have many friends who happen to be African American and I care for them and treat them as my equals and would never consider them the inferior being. I believe that everyone deserves the same chances in society and that discrimination should be non-existent.