I am so, very grateful that our Messina class was able to visit the Baltimore symphony in downtown Baltimore. It was a very enriching experience and I thoroughly enjoyed our time that we spent there. I could not have asked for a better premiere performance than the symphony we were presented. Since my high school at home did not have an orchestra, I had never been able to hear a real, professional orchestra live before since it was not my cup of tea. I had heard of Vivaldi’s productions and separate pieces, but had not heard of spring in particular.


Upon arriving at the Baltimore Symphony, I had never see anything like the architecture we were shown. When we sat down in our seats, I was amazed at the sections of seats on the sides of the grounds. It was so interesting and as I looked around I could see all of the really cool, bubbly figures that were scattered around the walls. These things on the sides of the walls were supposed to be for sound and to make it accent the sounds so well that they reached the inner ear in such a way that they sounded so very pleasant to hear upon arrival. During the performance, I was very impressed by all of the instrument players and their breathtaking abilities to play their respected instruments. The conductor of the entire orchestra was also very impressive, cracking numerous jokes and dealing a great deal of knowledge on Vivaldi as well. All around, it was an incredible performance.