This was by far my favorite lecture on campus so far. Michelle R. McKenna-Doyle, vice president and CIO (chief information officer) of the National Football League, showcased a bit of the endless possibilities for careers in business and technology. She spoke about her specific role in the league, her past jobs, her family and passion for football, and new technology that the league is implementing. Exciting NFL promotional videos were incorporated throughout her presentation, emphasizing key points and holding the audience’s interest.

McKenna-Doyle’s job is to “lead and oversee the NFL’s technology strategy, shared service delivery, and management of the league’s corporate and football technology”. I thought it was amazing that she applied for the job because she just saw it on the NFL website, yet her credible job history and connections caused her to get it. She had previously worked as the CIO at Constellation Energy in Baltimore and as president of Vision Interactive Media Group. She was also the senior vice president and CIO at Universal Orlando Resort, where she led and oversaw technology for the 2010 launch of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She turned to football because she and her family are very passionate about the sport, and she was raised to love it. I thought the new tracking devices in the shoulder pads were a really fascinating idea. Each player would eventually have these devices that display various stats on the viewers’ home TV. This lecture inspired me to work hard so that I can have an interesting job like this in the future.