I found out about Career Night from my French professor. I was pleased to discover that the event was focused on applying foreign language majors and minors to careers, since I planned to pursue a minor in French. There were four speakers whom shared stories of how foreign language impacted their lives, and one Loyola representative whom explained how important foreign language is. Although there were four speakers, two stood out to me the most. The first speaker studied French in college, yet her first experience abroad after school forced her to learn Spanish. She then landed a job with a non-for-profit organization that led her to Brazil, where she had to learn Portuguese. She is now fluent in Portuguese and looks back at her language experience as enriching, not as obstacles that had to be overcome. Another helpful thing I took away from her journey is that while abroad, her language skills advanced the most at the home stay. One of the speakers decided to share a story to convey the importance of foreign language in his life. He was raised in Italy, learned to speak French and English at a young age, and his German father taught him German, and tried to teach him Latin. Needless to say, he has a lot of involvement with foreign language. He told the story of a labor job he had when he was in his teens. The boss was German, but rarely spoke German at the job because the workers were Italian. The speaker bravely decided to use what German he learned from his father to start a conversation with his boss. The boss was so ecstatic to discover that he could speak German and they had a fun conversation unrelated to work. He made the point that language can connect you to people in an incomparable way. I have found that this is very true in my life so far, and I am excited to become a more advanced foreign language speaker. However, this event made me question whether I want to pursue a French minor because I’m not positive if that will actualize my goal to become fluent.