I am very grateful that our Messina group was able to experience such a unique trip as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra concert. This was my first time listening to a live orchestra, since my school did not have an orchestra and it’s not something my family would make an occasion for. I knew of Vivaldi and “Four Seasons”, and was especially familiar with “Spring” by listening to older students playing it at my piano concerts.

When we arrived, I was impressed with the architecture of the concert hall and how regal the balconies seemed. The seats filled with a generally mature audience, which made our young group of students seem very “cultured”. I expected the stage to be filled with a large orchestra of about 50 plus participants, but only half that amount of chairs were set up. Yet, the volume was surprisingly loud for the small amount of string instruments. I generally knew what to expect from the show – a lengthy display of musical excellence with little to no introduction and commentary. However, the conductor shocked me with her humor and patience in explaining the music of Vivaldi. I appreciated how she explained the particulars within the music and demonstrated them with small previews so that the audience could identify them throughout the piece. The orchestra played seamlessly and I thoroughly enjoyed the production. I will probably go to an orchestra concert in the future, and I’m even inspired to try operas and other such events.