Because I was unable to attend the trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, I instead attended Loyola’s production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). While the show was nothing like I expected, I really enjoyed the production.  The actors covered all of Shakespeare plays (even though some were covered in just minutes or second), and they did it with a modern twist. I was expecting to see a show with the usual Shakespeare performance, monologues and scenes that are dated and performed like it was in the 1500’s however the actors wore everyday clothes, cracked modern jokes, sang songs, and performed it as modern teenagers.

The aspect of the performance that most impressed me was the actors, who put on such an entertaining performance with just three of them on stage. I personally am not an actor, nor would I ever be able to be, so I give actors so much credit for being able to memorize and perform on stage.  However, the actors in this performance took it a step further and interacted with the audience while staying in character.  I was impressed at how well they were able to perform the entire show in character and improvise as they interacted with the audience.  It is one thing to remain in character when you are on stage and only focused on the other actors on stage with you, but to remain in character when who are interacting with the audience who is laughing and distracting you, would seem to me to be even more challenging, however the students did an amazing job! I was really impressed and can’t wait to see future productions.