After hearing General Linda L. Singh speak on leadership, I was surprised by her lecture however I am glad I was able to hear such a new and different perspective. Being the Adjutant General of the Maryland National Guard, General Singh spoke on the leadership skills she learned throughout her life and her experience. I learned a lot about the process of rising through the ranks in the Army, which I found really interesting and was able to discuss with several of my new friends from ROTC. However, while I did learn on that topic, I didn’t get what I expected out of the lecture.

Going into the lecture, I was expecting it to be focused on leadership skills in general, and in a broad sense that I could apply to my own life. I was hoping to learn the qualities of a good leader or how to act as a leader in the presence of certain types of people.  However, the lecture was focused mostly on her personal life story and how to lead people in the army. In some cases, the things I learned I felt as though I could use in my own life, although most of the stories she told, she directed towards the ROTC students in the audience and used her stories to give them advice on how to rise through the ranks themselves.  While I had never known much about the army or what their lifestyle was like, and I learned a lot from the lecture, it was not what I was expecting to get out of the lecture.