When going to see Loyola’s production of Clybourne Park, not only was I really impressed with the actors and how well they performed but I thought they did an amazing job, I was interested in how much the issues throughout the play have became so relevant in today’s society.

While Act I was performed very well and I was able to make many connections to the book, I was particularly impressed with the Act II. To me, this act, which took place in modern times, was more relatable and especially relatable to our recent society. I really enjoyed reading the book this summer as well as watching the play, and I found it comforting to know that Loyola was focusing so much on this issue of discrimination given the recent events in our country. The second act o the play focused a lot on how discrimination, even within residential neighborhoods still exist today.  Coming from a small town in the country, I hadn’t ever experienced this, however moving to Loyola, as witnessing the residual divide between the two sides of York Road and the area surrounding Loyola, I have been shocked to see how much this still exists in our community. The fact that all first years read this play, and that Loyola students put on this production was really reassuring to see that the Loyola community is aware of this issue and how it is so important throughout the entire country.