The passage that caught my attention first was on page 66 of Plato: Gorgias, where Callicles claims that “the superior person shall dominate the inferior person and have more than him.”

Basically Callicles is saying that the superior person is able to obtain more materials and resources than the inferior and that is what makes them superior. This is a pretty simple passage to read and understand but I think that Callicles argument is worth taking a look into and that is what caught my attention.

I think Callicles stance is fair, it is simply an opinion, but I think that whatever the superior people have more of, might not be the most important things. That there are more abstract means which hold more significance. For example, one person could have an army and a castle and a strong use of language and would therefore clearly be seen as superior in Callicles’ eyes. But I beg to suggest that a person with only one of those things, say strong language- or persuasiveness- and a mind full of knowledge would be far more superior than the other. I think Callicles might have been a little materialistic when making this statement, not realizing that there are other things out there than the resources he had in mind.