Socrates speaks about Rhetoricians and dictators to Polus on page 35 of Gorgias. Together they argue if they have power or not. Socrates argument is that “rhetoricians and dictators are the least powerful members of their communities, because they almost never do what they want, rather than what they think it’s best for them to do.” This passage is easily understood, grammatically. However, it took me quite a bit of time to comprehend Socrates point of view.

Initially, I agreed with Socrates that tyrants have no power to do what they want but after more thought, I began to disagree. I don’t quite understand how someone with the power a tyrant has, can be powerless. I think they’d have the power. For example, what if the tyrant is corrupt. He does in fact have immense power. I think he could do whatever he wanted regardless if it was beneficial to the members of his society. Also, the people would have no power against him, he’s a tyrant. However, if the tyrant was a good person with morals I think that yes, he is powerless when it comes to doing what he wants. But, that is purely based on his morals not whether he has the power to take action. Tyrants have all the power.