I really enjoyed this lecture. I think it was an educational seminar that brought to surface interesting challenges women still face today. I was surprised that Kathleen, the speaker, didn’t get into college, however I guess times were different back then. It was a good perspective as to how far the feminist movement has come but she noted that there are still several more problems. These included the double standards that women face and the topics of childbirth, femininity, and aging. The first topic introduced was that of the correlation between uterus and brain, that women who bear children couldn’t possibly have intellectual pursuits. Femininity was also brought up with mention to Hillary Clinton. She has been accused of being a lesbian and being so tough that she has been referred to as a man. However, at the same time she is being accused of being too emotional. However, when Ronald Reagan got emotional during his presidency, the response of the public was drastically different. Moving onto aging, Kathleen mentioned the different perspectives on male and female aging. When women age, they become unattractive. However, when men age they become more attractive. Overall, I think this lecture was my favorite just because I am a woman and could soon face these same challenges, if I haven’t already.