The passage on page 105 of Plato’s Gorgias caught my attention by talking about self-indulgent vs self-disciplined while mentioning which preform appropriate behavior. Socrates says, “Now, a disciplined person must act in an appropriate manner towards both gods and his fellow human begins, because inappropriate behaviour indicates lack of self-discipline. Yes, that’s bound to be so.”

This passage explains how those of inappropriate behavior practice self-indulgence. Therefore, those that have self-discipline can preform appropriate behavior.

This caught my attention because I think it is very realistic and relatable. It is easily applied to multiple situations. When I read this I thought of little kids, one who acts out in public and another who can control themselves. Using Socrates logic, the kid who acts out is labeled self-indulgent. He does whatever he pleases, and probably has an unstructured life. Meanwhile, the other child is one that has self-discipline, to me, this child is the one that knows right from wrong and is able to share their toys. It can also be applied to war. A self indulgent person would engage in war when angered and therefore act inappropriate. On the other hand, the self-disciplined person is able to control themselves when angered and realize that war might not be the best option. He is acting appropriately.