A while back i attended the Messina trip to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  The trip was very interesting as the orchestra was small compared to some of the stereotypical large ones.

The context of this trip consisted of pieces created by Antonio Vivaldi.  The pieces of his that were played during the symphony were pieces from his four seasons series.  These pieces were very interesting as the conductor would describe what each individual sounds stood for while having the corresponding musician play the same sound.  This allowed for a better understanding of what Vivaldi was trying to represent with each season.  It was also very interesting to hear what each thing he put within each season sounded like as they sounded much different than what I thought they would.  Once all the different parts of a season were explained the orchestra would proceed to put all the parts together and play the piece as a whole.  This was really cool because we were able to recognize each part of the piece due to the prior explanation, adding to the experience as a whole.

Overall this was a really great trip and I enjoyed going on it.  It was really great to see other parts of Baltimore while enjoying great music at the symphony orchestra center.