During the fall semester, I attended an event where the speaker was Miguel “Mike” Benito Fernandez. He spoke about his life and his book “Humbled By The Journey”. I found this event very inspirational. Mike lived his childhood in poverty, and his family had many struggles with money. Mike worked as hard as he could to get what he wanted, sometimes working more job than one. He earned his own money to get himself to where he wanted to be. He did not get a college diploma, and instead enrolled in the army. Even without a diploma, today he is an immensely successful businessman of his own company and is additionally a multi millionaire. Mike built his company out of nowhere, and really showed us how hard work and perseverance really do pay off. When he was younger, it must have seemed like there was no way out of the poverty that his family was in, and now look where he is. He is the boss of numerous people and brings in a salary that he probably did not think was possible when he was younger. His story is truly an inspiration to everyone because as cliche as it sounds, it shows that anything is possible.