I attended the Addiction Lecture here at Loyola, because I felt like people always talk about addiction in a jokingly way and I wanted a better understanding of some real life stories that could change my point of view. The most interesting part of the lecture was when they were speaking about how media publicizes addiction and it makes it ruin the meaning. When I am in a grocery store looking at magazines, I don’t even bother looking at the ones with celebrities in rehab on the front page because it is not anything new to me. I find myself bored at reading about those topics because I expect them from people already.

I did not realize how many different levels that addiction can carry, there are people who are very engulfed in their addictions and they can’t get themselves out of their situation. We do not help the cause by announcing pointless stories on social media, it makes it seem like “not a big deal”. I was inspired to look deeper into how to help one with an addiction because I realized although I do not know someone personally who struggles with these issues, by simply not engaging in the social media aspect of it I can help those around me.