The activity of Career Night 2015 consisted of a panel of five professional people of which four of them know more than one language. The idea of ​​this panel was to introduce ourselves that knowing a language or several languages ​​other than your native language can help you in achieved different jobs and positions. Panelists also emphasized that dare languages ​​you can come to understand other cultures and traditions.

The first panelist was presented to us through “Skype ” as she was in Brown University doing his Ph.D. She speaks Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. She explains that she learned French perfectly, but then she emerged proposals for research in Latin America and decided to take advantage of, that is how she learn Spanish. Then she went to Brazil for an investigation and had to learn Portuguese. The following two panelists spoke English and Spanish. Being their first language English. They work mostly with immigrants in the United States. The fourth panelist, an Italian who speaks English, Italian, German and French. This man works with NASA. The last panelist spoke English but only works with the “Career Center” at Loyola. He explains that the wish he would learn more languages. As mention he works in a career center therefore, he knows how important is being able to know than one language because usually you will have more employment opportunities.

In conclusion, we see that having knowledge of several languages ​​opens doors for research in different countries. you will be able to work with different people that may not speak your native language. But the thing that I like the most about knowing different languages is that I can visit different countries and learn more about their culture because I can go a little more into how they live and what they believe than another tourist who does not know the language and can not communicate effectively with people of the country they visit .