Prior to attending the BSO Symphony Orchestra’s A Season of Vivaldi I had never attended a symphony and was not sure what to expect. However, I greatly enjoyed the concert and was shocked by how much of the music I was familiar with.
The concert began with the conductor, Marin Alsop, summarizing Vivaldi’s work. Not only were Alsop’s words informative but the humorous manner she used made the concert that much more entertaining. The orchestra went on to play Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. They began each segment by first reading a description of the corresponding season and then displaying how the sounds of the music were used to embody these descriptions. This too helped me to understand the music and kept the audience engaged. As soon as the orchestra started to play, I was surprised that I recognized the tune and was hooked.
While I didn’t recognize all the pieces that were played I did recognize the first, which was Vivaldi’s Spring. My recognition of this piece made me excited for the rest of the concert and kept me attentive for the rest of the time. I went into the symphony expecting to hear complex pieces that I would have never heard before and would never listen to. Instead I was presented with beautiful pieces that I had listened to before and left with a better understanding of Vivaldi’s pieces and a new found appreciation for the symphony.