The last part of the reading in Gorgias, left me very confused because Socrates put a lot of elements into the same definition.   The explanation of good became an even bigger picture than in the Aristotle book. Socrates said that discussions of rhetoric, art, routine, the pleasant, power, justice, and temperance are all the virtues of “good”. I found this interesting because Aristotle seemed to base good around the highest level of virtue that you could come to. He said that you need to balance leisure with indulgence in order to be happy, and I think that the two philosophers are coming from the same common connection.

This lead me to wonder how they came to their conclusions. I have a good understanding of why, but I am interested in learning a deeper understanding of how. I also am curious to see if their definitions of virtue are similar, because they seem to be a little different. I thought that a virtue was behaving in a certain way, and I feel like they both isolated different types of people and actions to define virtue.