I found that the reading on Socrates opinion on convention verses nature was very interesting because of how he compared it to justice. One idea that caught my attention is how he said that committing injustice and not being punished for it is worse than being punished. While reading those ideas I found myself alluding to the word guilt, which personally I hate the feeling of. When Socrates explains this I felt like he was saying that naturally you will not become a better person if you do not get a consequence, which I found very intriguing because then one will not learn from error.

If you do something in respect to justice you will be admirable and better according to convention.   If you do something that is good, you do not need a consequence to make you do it again. I feel like it is a natural feeling that makes you want to repeat it. In comparison to doing something that is qualified as “injustice”, if you do not get a consequence you will not learn from the error.