Anonymous people was inspiring and eye opening. It encouraged me to use a different perspective while understanding the difficulties of being a drug and alcohol abuser. Not only did it enable me to look past the judgmental view point I would regularly have towards those that abuse substances it also demanded my sentiments for them. Substance abusers who are recovering or have been in recovery must explain themselves to people why they don’t drink in restaurants or just causally have a drink with friends. They explained that you will always be an alcoholic and you will continue to be in recovery since being diagnosed with alcoholism. The continual social struggle was something I never thought about when it came to being addicted to alcohol and drugs. The people who live their life with honesty are an inspiration. It would take much courage to recognize the internal issues one posses and seek help. But it would take even more courage to speak about it to a crowd of people. Those who accept this identity and want to help others are sometimes judged but certainly posses the most bravery. Taking another look at the facade that accompanies the label of being a drug addict has benefited my view of people in general.