In Plato’s Gorgias, Socrates takes an opinion that says a self-disciplined mind is good where as an self-indulgent mind is bad, in order to refute Callicles’ claim that a self-indulgent mind is good. Socrates reasons that a self-disciplined person is one that follows appropriate behavior, making them just and religious, whereas a self-indulgent person is bound to be non courageous, and always acting in in appropriate behavior. He also makes the the very important conclusion that only self-disciplined people can be happy.

I found this conclusion very shocking and I tend to agree more with Callicles on this topic. Socrates says that a self-disciplined person would be the only type of person who could be happy and act appropriately. However, I do not understand why Socrates claims it is not possible for a person who explores self-indulgence every once in a while in incapable of being happy. This type of person may be someone who doesn’t always worship the exact God the rest of the world sees to be real, however that doesn’t qualify their actions as inappropriate.  A self-indulgent person is also one who takes time to find leisure as well as pleasures, and as Socrates said before, a person with leisure is a person who can find happiness.