Starting on page 103 of the reading, Callicles and Socrates review everything that they had discussed thus far.  They agreed that the good is not the same thing as the pleasant. Now they begin to discuss what it takes to become a good human being. Socrates is saying that if a self disciplined mind is good, then a non self disciplined mind is bad. In order to be a good person, you have to be self disciplined. You also have to be courageous, just, and religious. A good person is also bound to do whatever he does well and successfully. He explains how the poor decisions that a bad person make will end up leading to a bad life.

I found it helpful that a summary of all the things that we discussed thus far was included in this section, because although at first the arguments and discussions that these philosophers had were confusing, I am finally starting to understand them. I generally agree with this, however I don’t think that a person who makes one bad decision should be automatically doomed into having a bad life. I think that a person can still be good if they make a few bad decisions, so I don’t think that bad decisions should be the only things that make people bad.