Socrates speaks on the topic of a city and its leaders. He describes a leader who is good to the people by making laws that are not only superficial promises that please the short term mind, but also laws that are beneficial in the long run. It is easy to be elected as leader if the people can see how that person promises pleasure that they can soon feel. On the other hand, if a leader was to promise future happiness far down the road for the citizens and their children, then it is harder to grasp and follow. That is why many leaders of cities go with the easy way out. Socrates says that these leaders are not good. Those who hold their position with virtue and good intention are the ones who give true leadership. Those cities are better off because they are not necessarily getting everything that they want in the moment, but they know that they will  have happiness, not just pleasure, in the long run. Pleasure only lasts for so long. Happiness is the end that all citizens should strive for. A leader should guide his people to happiness instead of promising them pleasure. That will be a good city.