In our last section of reading for Plato’s Gorgias I was very interested in how far Aristotle took the argument.  But, Socrates took it as far to even say that the person who’s life is worth living is the one who is not afraid to die.

At first I read the section and disagreed with his, and agreed with Callicles.  But, after I started to think about it, in that time you would be killed by the type of man that Callicles believes in for those same thoughts.  Callicles and Socrates did not live in a time period where freedom of speech and political thoughts were accepted, tolerated, or even thought of as an option.

Socrates was saying that it was better to live the life you believed in and die for it early than try to abide by rules that you did not believe in or try to be a model citizen that was not a model at all but a person who was afraid of their dictator.  Sadly, there are still places like this in the world whose people have to follow suit of the dictator in order to avoid wrong being done to, but who then fall into the unfortunate situation of having to do wrong to other people to stay in favor and avoid the wrong being done to.

The type of people that Socrates is talking about are patriots.  People who will die for their own political beliefs.  They are not revolutionaries taking action to change people thoughts, but simply patriots living the life they choose to live no matter what kind of government they are under.

It amazes me that these thoughts and words of wisdom can still so accurately apply to todays world and even more specifically political views.