The Documentary title “The Anonymous People” was an enlightening film because of the unique perspective on the demoraphic of addicts it showed its audience. “The Anonymous People” was created in order to bring peoples attention to a portion of the world where society prefers to turn away from-this side being addicts. This documentary is virtuous and upstanding because by opening its audience’s eyes to a new perspective of society and encouraging everyone to be more open-minded and accepting

When the documentary interiviewed addicts, the interviews continuously focused on how the addicts felt once they went through recovery in society. By focusing on this angle, “The Anonymous People” centers its plot on the injustice society has done to this demographic and shifts its audience to that point as well. The lingo the documentay uses also works to shift the audience to see “the anonymous people” as something other than addicts.

The documentary “The Anonymous People” holds merit because of the change it attempts to spark in the society. It uses unique language that isn’t typical in society to change society’s perspective on addicts and also centers the interviews it takes on the addicts interactions with society.