Our class trip to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra was most definitely an enjoyable experience. One thing I thought they did a great job with was talking about the songs and breaking them down before they actually preformed them. Doing this allowed me to take much more out of the performance(s) than I expected.

Throughout the concert, before each song, they would have each individual play their part of the song, and the conductor would give a brief description of what the sound was meant to portray in the eyes of the artist. This made the actual songs more intriguing to listen to. In addition, a lot of the songs they did were familiar tones, whether it was a Verizon ring-back tone, or from a common commercial. It was cool to hear songs that I’ve heard before but didn’t even the name.

All in all, I enjoyed my experience at the BSO. The music was both soothing and enjoyable. My favorite part of the trip was when they preformed that one song that is the default music for Verizon’s ring-back tones.