For me, this play was a very enjoyable experience. Reading the book was decent, but I feel like going to the play itself and hearing the tone in all the characters voices really helped me understand the intensity within the play. During the play, the most interesting part to me was during the heated argument about the racist joke Steve is trying to tell.

In this scene, Steve and the others are discussing stuff about the house, and like every other scene in Clybourne park, the conversations get a bit frantic and off topic. Likewise, Steve gets off topic and brings up a joke to his wife, Lindsey. The joke is racist, and Lindsey keeps telling him to not tell it, but the two African-American insist he tells the joke. This is one of those parts in the play where things get really intense. They all continue to talk about how they keep avoiding the topic of racism. If I remember correctly, Steve says, “Lets just say what we are really talking about”. When reading the book, I was not able to really get the full idea of how intense this conversation really was.

All in all, this passage stood out to me because I was not able to realize how intense this conversation really was. I did not really enjoy the book, but I really enjoyed the play, again, because I can sense the tone in all the characters during these key, tense, conversations.