In the dialogue between Socrates and Callicles they discuss self-discipline. Callicles makes a point that one should not restrain himself in order to reach his full potential. He states, “The only authentic way of life is to do nothing to hinder or restrain the expansion of one’s desires, until they can grow no larger, at which point one should be capable of putting courage and cleverness as their service and satisfying every passing whim” (Gorgias 79). In a sense I agree with this statement because it is intensively liberating. Callicles encourages one to seek their fullest potential which is something humans instinctively desire.Thing brings me back to the topic of happiness. Most believe happiness consists of wealth, power, and health. To reach these believed happinesses one must exercise self discipline. But the question arises is one really happy with wealth and power. For example, a politician places all his self discipline into politics and cannot reach any of his other potentials. Reaching ones potential cannot be  done without having an open mind and not choosing to do something or have a way of life in order to achieve what one perceives happiness is. It is important to have some self discipline in my opinion but also to keep an open mind because that way you can learn what you are passionate about.