In Plato’s Gorgias, the dialogue between Socrates and Callicles begins by comparing the ideas of self discipline and self indulgence.  The two thinkers begin to debate over the ideas.  Callicles believes that a life of self indulgence makes a person more happy rather than a life of self discipline.  Socrates therefor provides two arguments against Callicles argument of pleasure and good.

Callicles believes that a happier man would be someone who has worked his way into a position where he is able to satisfy all his desires.  On the contrary, Socrates feels the need to refute Callicles belief.  Socrates does this by using the example of filling up glass jars with liquids.  He explains how a fool would continue to try to fill a leaky glass with water just to feel satisfied.

I believe in a life of self discipline like Socrates rather than a life of self indulgence like Callicles.  It is a satisfying feeling to work for something and get good results from the outcome, rather than have things handed to you.  In this instance, the saying “less is more” makes complete sense.