I found Socrates and Callicles discussion on health and ‘law’ or ‘convention’ to be interesting. Socrates states “these are the qualities which that excellent rhetorical expert of ours will be aiming for in all his dealings with people’s minds, whether he’s talking or acting, giving or taking. He’ll constantly be applying his intelligence to find ways for justice, self-control, and goodness in all its manifestations to enter his fellow citizen’s minds” (101).

Socrates first discusses health and law. He says that we describe the process which organize the body as healthy because they cause health and whatever else accounts for good physical state. Law is an order in the mind. Law is diffused in the mind with justice and self control. These are two very important characteristics of humans. So, when rhetorical experts try to appeal to the masses they try to appeal to these qualities. Socrates states that even if ones intentions are good or bad they will still try to appeal to these qualities. In the quote above Socrates says that a rhetorician will constantly be applying his intelligence in order to find ways of justice, self- control, etc to enter the minds of people.

I found this discussion to be particularly interesting. We have talked about the ways of a rhetorician so I found this extension of the topic interesting. A rhetorician would be clever to appeal to the qualities that humans value the most. This would give them a sense of comfort and safety. This lead me to wonder if these are strategies that politicians use to win people over.