Before this Messina field trip I had never been to an orchestra performance, other than my own in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. I played the viola in middle school; however, stopped once I got into high school because I was bored with it.  So, when this field trip was announced, I have to say that I was not extremely excited.

To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I liked how the conductor engaged the audience in between pieces. The woman explained the pieces, demonstrated each instruments role in the piece and made many jokes. This performance was dedicated to playing the pieces of Vivaldi. I think partly why I enjoyed this performance so much was because I had heard some of his pieces before, so they were familiar to me. I was shocked when I recognized Vivaldi’s pieces, but pleasantly surprised. I liked how there was a piece dedicated to each season. The sounds that each instrument created for each piece made me feel like I was in that season. My favorite piece was dedicated to Spring. It was lively, upbeat, and energetic which are characteristics that I associate with Spring. I am really glad that I got to experience my first symphony orchestra performance in Baltimore and with my Messina classmates. I felt like this was an enriching experience and a productive way to spend a few hours on a Friday night. I am grateful for this experience that Loyola provided me with and would encourage Messina groups to take this field trip in the future.