Reading the play Clybourne Park was an interesting summer read. I enjoyed reading the play; however, preferred seeing the play in person much more. I consider myself a visual learner, so seeing the play in person made the setting, characters, and themes more clear. In the play there are moments of both seriousness and sarcasm, which was sometimes hard to distinguish in the printed version. However, when watching the play in person it is easier to understand these contrasting moments. In addition, I found it hard to keep track of the different characters when reading because they were constantly going back and forth. In the live version I could easily visualize all the characters and also helped to see the physical appearance of characters. I feel like the play was a lot more dramatic then I understood it to be. I didn’t fully understand Russ and his wife’s relationship until watching the play. The actors did a great job portraying the hostility and pain that lies in their relationship. Another relationship I didn’t fully understand was Bev and Francine’s. After seeing the play I realize that Bev genuinely appreciates and loves Francine. This is a vibe that I didn’t really get in the play. I think it was seen more through their interactions in person and body language rather than their dialogue. Seeing the play in person provided me with clarity regarding details of the story. In addition, seeing this emotional story being played out in person really got across the message of this play.