In Plato’s Gorgias, Callicles begins questioning Socrates’ use of philosophy and claims that he is simply using the technique of rhetoric to back people into a corner and get the to contradict themselves.  Callicles also claims that by forcing his philosophical ideas into their head and forcing them to fall into a trap of believing his ideas, he is in theory imprisoning them and conforming them to set ideas.  Callicles claims that while a little bit of philosophy can be good for a person’s mind, people are better off dead than to live their whole lives in denial to the rest of the world because their minds are imprisoned with only believing his philosophical ideas.

I found Callicles argument very interesting, as he pointed out that it is not always a bad thing to have ideas that defy what may seem to be the most logical.  While Socrates always cornered people such as Polus into being embarrassed enough to admit Socrates was right, if Socrates embarrassed everyone in the world into accepting his philosophy, humans wouldn’t ever get any smarter or even have a chance to enjoy life because they would be so focused on following the laws of philosophy.  I agree with what Callicles is trying to say, a person should certainly care about the world about them and how or why things happen, however at a certain point, if the end goal of you life is to be happy, you may only find that by living life your own way and not by living a life conformed to the same thoughts as everyone around you.