This reading captures my attention completely. In Plato, Georgias we can see the discussion between Callicles and Socrates. They were discussing who should study philosophy. Socrates was saying that a person must study philosophy, but Callicles in the other hand said that it is not disgraced for a youth to study philosophy but once they start becoming a man is ridiculous that a man.

Callicles compares philosophy with a grown man playing childish games. He thinks that a man who bases his studies in philosophy is an immature person. He said that even the naturally gifted person isn’t going to develop into a real man. Callicles think that that person is avoiding the heart of his community and the person will not know how to defend himself. He advises Socrates by saying that he should stop philosophy and make another occupation wich is going to make himself famous.

I think that Callicles is wrong because philosophy is something that open your mind a little more. It makes you grow intellectual because you are learning from philosophers what they though years ago. Philosophy has taught me how to love or try new things. It also helps you to define false ideas.