For my Italian class I had to attend a cultural event that talked about second generation Italian children. In other words, they are Italian citizens who have immigrant parents from areas such as Nigeria, the south east, Asia, Mexico and many more.

The event was in the form of cinematic documentary that explained the lives of various second generation Italian teens living in various Italian cities. I found it interesting the struggles and biases that they had to go through even as Italian citizens. There are many who do not consider them to be Italian simply because of their heritage. In fact a lot of second generation Italians are not actual citizens because of this. I think that I really connected to this documentary because as a minority living in the U.S. I cannot help but sympathize with their endeavors. Although their situation is much harder than the one I have, there is still a sense of similarity I can draw between our lives.

There are regulations in the works of being made that will change the laws surrounding citizenship. The youth of Italy are usually very accepting of Italians with immigrant parents. But hopefully one day soon the second generation Italians will be accepted into their communities as full Italian citizens.