The symphony orchestra I attended a few weeks ago put on a fine performance for the Baltimore community. The orchestra’s extreme efficiency with their craft produced a very professional performance.

This was my first time ever going to a symphony so it was an interesting experience. The entire presentation was professional. Even the audience dressed up for this occasion I never really thought anything of. The orchestra performed music scored by the well renowned Vivaldi. Prior to this performance I had never heard of this composer’s name. However his music is very well known. Each peace had a section that was familiar to me. Ironically they were all songs I had heard from old cartoons that I use to watch as a child. There was a song for each season of the year, but my favorite of all was winter. The music for winter always has a mystical vibe, and Vivaldi’s music was no exception. I had never hear music performed so delicately. Up to this point I had only ever heard my high school’s orchestra performances. Although they were good, they difference in comparison was drastic. The symphony orchestra ended up being a much more entertaining than I thought it would be.

If given the chance to go to another symphony I would definitely take the opportunity. The musicians truly take their craft seriously and it reflects in the beautiful music that they make.