Going to the orchestra was a beautiful experience. . That concert made me bring so many memories from the past that is because many members of my family are part of the Symphony of Puerto Rico and since I was a little girl I use to go to a lot of classical concerts. I have always loved Vivaldi he has so many wonderful arrangements. I love the way he creates a wild natural atmosphere with the sound of the birds, the wind, and all animals.

Even when I have been in so many classical concerts each of them always has something different. In this case was the director. This was my first concert where the director was a little more funny or less serious than others. It was nice that she was making differents jokes but at some point I feel that I was in a comedy.

The trip was a good experience for me I know that I will definitively go back in the future just to feel all that good energy from the musicians and the music. I also realize how much I miss been in a concert back home enjoying some good classical mucic from people that I know. But sooner than later I will be back home with all my family and friends.