Brune Norris’s Clybourne Park explores the issue of race, as it is an important issue in the current society. Because I had an opportunity to both read and watch the play, I was able to understand the content better and find interesting points in the play that I hadn’t found in the reading.

Clybourne Park is composed of two acts, each in different time, 1959 and 2009. In 1959, it portrays an all-white community where African American’s struggle to move in to the neighborhood. On the other hand in 2009, white couple struggle to the neighborhood that is now all black community. In both situations, both communities have opposition towards another race but they cannot explicitly state the word “racism” as it is a difficult topic. In general, the play illustrates heavy topic of racism and explores the major change in the same neighborhood as the minority and the majority switches.

When I first read this play, I only grasped the idea of racism in the surface. I was not sure of how each characters reacted and what the actually mood was in specific scenes. However, after I watched the play in person, I was able to grasp the serious and silly moments in different moments as well as the each character’s image and personality. The tone and the voice of each character highlighted the conflicts that arose between the two races. Also because same people played different roles in the two acts, it was more interesting to see them act in the position of the other race. Overall, it was interesting to see a play because I saw lot of moments that I missed during my reading.