Callicles believes that at the right age, philosophy can be a great asset to the person who is studying it. However he also insists that one who pursues the area of knowledge at too great a length will miss out on the opportunity to achieve the attributes that make one a gentlemen in society.

The assertion that Callicles presents to Socrates is very compelling. There is no possibility that someone who dedicates their entire life to philosophy could ever attain a reputable status within society. That is not to say that the knowledge gained from this pursuit would not be valuable. But it would not produce the same qualities that an individual of a gentlemen’s status could create. This a very controversial assertion and although Socrates makes an interesting rebuttal, Callicles was able to drastically change my views on the philosophical pursuit of knowledge.

Pursuing knowledge is a crucial part of life that allows one to diversify their mind and achieve new panicles of intellectualism. But there are times when the pursuit of knowledge can limit the status one is able to achieve within their life. With Callicles assertion it becomes clear that the philosophical pursuit comes with a unique trade off.