Clybourne Park was a very interesting play. It had various different depths that all contributed to the overall quality of the performance. I think the play’s most unique attribute was its ability to achieve balance between both the dramatic and comedic moments.

Before seeing the live performance, I read the play Clybourne Park during the summer. Seeing the actual performance allowed for the story to truly come to life. Having previously known the context of the story, I already knew that the play had an underlying meaning. But I couldn’t believe how funny the show turned out to be. I know that the comedy was not the point of the play overall, but it was very helpful in increasing the engagement of the audience. I also really enjoyed the contrast that the play was able to convey between the first and second act. It was very creative and it also showed the ability of the actors within the play.

In the end, I had a great time with Clybourne Park. The execution was great and the set looked very believable. I think that everyone a part of the cast and crew deserves a lot of credit for their hard work because it produced a truly incredible performance.