A particular passage of interest in the assigned reading from Plato’s Gorgias was when Socrates is discussing the topic of how someone is unhappy even if he has power over everyone with Polus.

The context of this passage consists of Socrates explaining to Polus the reasoning behind why he would rather be the one having something wrong done to him rather than being the one doing the wrong action.  Polus disagrees with Socrates on this and states how if someone had power and could freely banish or execute people they would be very happy.  Socrates states that this is not the case as someone who does this is doing it in an unjustified way thus allowing for others to have pity for them.  This person then has to live the rest of their life with the memory of the actions they have committed causing a massive amount of unhappiness for the person.

This passage was very interesting to me as it was interesting to read how Socrates described how someone could be unhappy even if they had power and free will over everyone else.  It really became a deep thought to think what true happiness is and to give someone pity who is doing the wrong actions as they have to forever be unhappy with their crimes.