The part of this reading that I found most interesting was the discussion between Polus and his master Gorgias about power. Polus declares that power is good for it’s professor, however Gorgias contradicts this definition of power. I was interested in this, because Gorgias says that if Polus’s definition of power is true, then it would mean that tyrants have the least power out of all rulers. This was very thought provoking because tyrants are usually the most powerful rulers.

Gorgeous says that tyrants have the least power because when we complete an action, we do not will the action, but the outcome of the action. When tyrants have to perform horrible actions like executions, they are not willing the actual action of the outcome, but they are willing the outcome for the benefit of the place that they are ruling. Since the actions are for the benefit of the place, they are not performing them at their own will, making them not very powerful. Plato also included examples of willing the outcome not the action when it comes to doctors and medicine, when taking medicine, you are really just hoping for the outcome of getting better after taking it.