In the beginning of Platos’s CritoSocrates and Crito discuss the situation at hand.  Socrate’s is still on trial, and is basically waiting for the time to come when he is going to die.  During this conversation, Crito and Socrates exchange their feelings on the situation and also some important claims.

Crito begins by greeting Socrates when he first wakes up.  Crito has bad news to share, and Socrates assumes that the ship arrived from Delos (which means he is going to die the next day).  Cristo is afraid that other people will view him as someone who values money more highly than one’s friends.  Socrates reassures him that we should not care so much about what the majority thinks because the most reasonable people believe that things were done as they were done.  Crito also explains to Socrates that he should not worry about money because there are many people who would help him escape from there.

I believe this conversation between Crito and Socrates shows that Socrates doesn’t really care to be saved or to try to escape.  Crito tries to explain how this is his last chance if he wants to flee from the area, but Socrates does not take it.