The reading of Gorgias was quite interesting since we could see Aristotle resolve all these questions that Polus was asking him. Polus was trying to listen to something that Socrates said wrong but he always ended up agreeing with him. I thought it was funny how Aristotle was afraid that Polus was not able to understand whatever he tried to explain. He said it in a way that sounded like he knew he what he was saying was smart and it made Polus look silly. The account that Aristotle gave for rhetoric was interesting. He said that rhetoric came from flattery. That just like cookery was flattery to the body, rhetoric was for the body. So in my opinion what he meant to say is that rhetoric is basically what people want to hear and that’s why it works so well. Another thing that I saw interesting is how Aristotle said that dictators were not powerful. Like Polus, most of the people tend to think that people who are the leaders are the most powerful and that they can do what they want. However, Aristotle says that they are since they don’t do what they want, they do what they need to do so they can stay in power. This was interesting to here as it is different. Dictators aren’t really powerful or able to do what they want they are always doing what they need to do, and we are always thinking it is that way; when it’s not.