Going to the orchestra was a wonderful experience. I have always enjoyed classical music so getting the opportunity to see the music played right in front of me was a lot of fun. Usually, live performances are not as good as the professionally produced and edited music on CD’s and the radio, but in this experience the music was even smoother and alive in person.

The interaction with the director of the orchestra was also far from what I expected. She was a very sarcastic and witty individual. At the same time you could tell that she was passionate about her work. She was very informative and brought the music alive in a way I have never seen before. Her interacting with the crowd humanized her and made her seem less distant as a performer.

If I had the opportunity, I would definitely go back again to see another performance. One thing about this performance was that there was not many people in the orchestra. I expected a lot more people to be playing in the orchestra. I understand that the pieces that they played were meant for a small violin section. Nevertheless, it was a great performance and I really enjoyed my time at the orchestra.