Back in October I attended the play Clybourne Park, which revolved around the common text we had to read over the summer.

The context of the play consisted of two different acts, each taking place fifty years after or before each other, both in the same house setting, but with different scenarios.  The play was created revolving around the changing community of Clybourne Park regarding the change of races from a black to white community or vice versa.  The first act revolves around a white family moving out of their home in Clybourne Park and ends with the family finding out that a black family has purchased their home as the community is changing.  The second act begins in the same house, but the home has undergone many changes over the years regarding the architecture.  The other difference between the acts as well is that the second act revolves a black family selling the home to a white family, because once again the community is changing in terms of race.

This play was very interesting to me as I knew one of the actors, but also because it was different in a sense that it only consisted of around six or seven actors each having multiple parts within each act.  This was very different than the usual plays I have seen in the past as plays on Broadway or even in a smaller theatre have different actors for all of the parts.