A couple of weeks after the Clybourne Park play I attended the lecture in McGuire with Bruce Norris.

The lecture consisted of Bruce talking not only about his book, but also about the issues around it, including other countries casting the play without his permission and the topic of race issues in today’s society in general.  It was very interesting to find out that his book was shown as a play in many countries overseas.  One of the countries that did showings of his play the most was Germany.  Bruce told us all about how he met with directors in cities, like Berlin, to meet with directors, help cast the play, and then sit in on the play itself the night of it’s first showing.  Another interesting part of this lecture was how he explained that some countries did the play in a way that Bruce did not want it to be done, such as using the wrong race of people for each part, since he wanted to raise awareness of the issues in society by using actors that were of similar  race to the characters he created in the book.

This was a very interesting lecture to attend as it was very intriguing to hear directly from the author all about his inspiration for his book.  It was also very interesting to me as we were able to go and talk to him at the end and I got into a very long conversation of the topic of script writing and movie making, where Bruce gave me tips on how to do each and gave me a bit of a backstory of his life making films for fun with an old eight ball camera.