Ginnie Durkin

November 17th, 2015

Messina Lecture


The Messina lecture I chose to go to was apart of the leadership week keynote activities. Major General Linda L. Sign came in to speak to us about her experience in the Military. I was fascinated by the work and stages in her development that she had gone through in order to get to where she is today. Linda was a high school drop out due to family problems, and eventually found herself as a leader. The part of her lecture that caught my attention the most was when she was speaking to us about the common mistakes that people make when trying to become a leader. She said that being a leader does not make you the best out of everyone; it is not a competition to become a leader. Generally, people trust those who have compassion for what they are doing and those with compassion make the best leaders.

She was very inspiring when she was speaking about when she learned to swim. At this point in her life, she had been seen as a leader and as a part of her job she was always in the water. One day she was dropped in the water and immediately started to panic because of her lack in ability to swim. This moment caused her to take swimming lessons not only to benefit herself and make her feel more comfortable in future situations, but to better herself for the sake of those who she was in charge of. I found this very inspiring because the motivation to face your own fears is normally seen as something that is for yourself, but in the eyes of a leader it is something done to benefit the group as a whole.