Aristotle explains in book X that pleasure is not a process and that it fully complete. This was interesting to me because it made me ponder how pleasure is experienced and I agree with Aristotle’s idea that pleasure is experience all at once, not in pieces but completely and utterly euphoric at times. People don’t experience pleasure in stages. This is an interesting concept to me and makes me wonder can pleasure be compared to feeling? Feelings are built up through different reactions while Aristotle explains that pleasure comes all at once. Then the process of happiness is not what leads the pleasure because they are two different things. Pleasure is not sprung from happiness yet pleasure comes all at once on its own. Pleasure is a whole and a feeling has different parts. Aristotle says that pleasure is what completes an activity and therefore it is an end. Breaking down the components of pleasure was interesting to me simply because I had a much different view of it before reading the passage. Coming to understand the differences between what humans feel and an entirely different element like pleasure was surprising. Aristotle also mentions that there are different types of pleasure which can be compared to the different feelings that humans experience.